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for the People

One plug-in –  empowering anyone

to host live shows with instant shopping.

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With Togee plugged-in, anyone can share their shopping experience to how many they want and the viewers can shop on top of the stream, effortlessly. It's as social as it get's.

Benefits for  Brands

"Shop Togeether"
unique live experience

The host takes the viewers on an interactive journey on your site. Telescope the customer decision from awareness to purchase.

Engagement  👉  Quality Traffic  👉  Revenue

Get crowded with
referral traffic

Every Togee user refers on average 3 new persons. 

OTT engagement from live interactions

Togee sessions have an average of up to 15 minutes.

More checkouts
endorsed by peers

With Togee, visitors can share the experience from landing page to checkout.

Unique use cases

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Unfairly easy to use

Add Togee

Plugged n' ready to play in under 60 seconds.


Shopping rooms

Visitors can create public & private rooms on your site. It’s drop-in co-shoppin.


Link, no download

One tap is all it takes to enter.


Recorded events

Share the shopping stories on your site or other social media.


Instant shopping system

Hosts and viewers can add items from the site during the live by simply tapping a button. 


Monitor live data

Follow engagement in real-time.

Let your customers become influencers

Cross platform

With Togee, hosting a live show with instant shopping is easy as sending a screenshot.

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