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Live Shopping 

A powerful and user-friendly live shopping tool with screen share that all your visitors and ambassadors can use straight from your website. Anytime. Anywhere.

People miss the social & interactive in-store experience. Become a social
commerce, with inclusive online shopping.

With Togee plugged-in, any visitor can share their shopping experience to how many they want and the viewers can shop on top of the stream, straight from your website. 

Benefits for  Brands

Increase customer loyalty & LTW

A social and interactive live shopping experience boost engagement and retention. 

Increase sales & up-sales

Shopping in groups of peers and experts gives instant social proof and tons of inspiration.

Reduced returns and related costs

Peers provide information and can endorse products from landing page to checkout to increase right decisions. 

"Shop Togeether"
unique live experience

The host takes the viewers on an interactive journey on your site. Telescope the customer decision from awareness to purchase.

Engagement  👉  Quality Traffic  👉  Revenue

Unique use cases

Rectangle 593 (1).png

Unfairly easy to use

Add Togee

Plugged n' ready to play in under 60 seconds.