Browsing online lacks togetherness.

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It all began with colleagues coming over to point out things in person.

Back in 2016 when Daniel was working with technical installations he needed a lot of visual input from colleagues to get things right. It was getting embarrassing when colleagues weren't close by so he wondered

"Why can't we solve it from a distance through the mobile?". Finally, one day on the way to work a climax was reached as he saw people sitting next to each other on the subway whilst looking at the same mobile, pointing and talking. A realization emerged - these elements can be baked into an app and be applied on the entire web to help peers give and get the benefits of the "IRL" experience.

Together with his entrepreneurial friends Peter and Zohaib, they set out to bridge the physical togetherness to the rapidly growing digital world.

"It's like a social layer on-top of everything" (2).png

Turning eCommerce to 


Today Togee is the one and only cross-platform web solution enabling screen share, video/audio stream, and drawing feature individually or collectively. They're also the first to apply this to the live shopping industry. Togee, the app, got near 100k users and currently, 20 brands have signed up to test the beta web plug-in. 

The company has raised close to $3M in funding.

The people behind Togee

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