What’s so magical about the real physical meeting

and why doesn’t today's digital communication look anything like it?


Since the beginning, mankind has enjoyed each other's company, socializing and sharing experiences.

Everything from the campfire to the basketball yard.

Whilst everything is rapidly being digitalized and moved further away from the physical world we find it important to revamp the digital communication to bridge the personal interaction. 

​Togee has taken all shapes and forms of communication

and brought it into one amazing app. With this app we enable shared experiences from mobile to mobile, 

inspired by the real physical meeting. It’s live, interactive, efficient and super engaging. Through a smart set of features, Togee allows people to co-experience and interact on-top of the digital and physical world together, side by side – just as if you were sitting next to each other. 

We believe communication should be humane, engaging and fun – not the opposite. If you agree, join us!