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FAQs for Users

What is Togee?


Togee is a video live shopping tool, that you can use on selected websites. Simply click the button, invite and go live with an audience of your choosing. Friends, family, followers or a public audience. You host the show, add products or content from the website while the viewers comments in the chat, watch you face video as well as items and products on display. They can easily shop while watching or store their favourites straight from the stream. It's a more social way of shopping online and a more authentic way to do live shopping. Happy streaming!

Never tried live social shopping before?

See our quick guide here and how to use Togee step by step.


How do I get Togee on my website?

Just register here and we'll take it from there.

No binding or credit card required.

- Currently there is a waiting list, but we'll notify you when it's time.


Do Togee work on all devices?

Togee works seamlessly on and between mobile, tablet and desktop as well as on all operating systems e.g. iOS, Android and Windows.

Note: Some older OS versions are not compatible e.g. screen share might not be rendered and camera stream might be laggy.


Do Togee work on all browsers?

Togee is expected to become compatible with all major browsers with further development. However, currently we work primarily on Chrome and Safari. 


What happens if my minutes runs out?

We offer quick top-ups through Stripe. contact one of our sales representatives and they'll help you out. You'll be able to monitor your minute usage from your admin panel in real-time.


Can anyone use Togee?

Almost anyone. However, there are some limitations and requirements in regards to hardware, software and network conditions. Most modern devices utilizing stronger network than 3G should have no problems using Togee. We expect to reduce the cap and make it more available as we continue development.


Do Togee work on all websites?

Yes indeed, Togee integrates easily on all web-based platforms e.g. Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wordepress, Magento etc. 


How do I disable Togee?  

If you have embedded Togee across your entire website you can simply pause the service from your admin panel.


Can I try for free?  

It's free to register and try out.


Is there a limit to how many simultaneous viewers there can be in one room?  

No. We automatically scale our server capacity when needed.


Will the viewers see notifications while the host is screen sharing?

If the host shares from mobile or tablet – no. They're safe. On desktop the host can also choose to only share the specific tab. However they can also choose to share the entire screen including notifications.  


Do Togee integrate with our CRM system?  

We don't have a standard solution for this at the moment, but anything is possible. Get in touch and we'll figure it out


Can I limit from which pages the service can be activated?   

Yes, when you embed the plug-in you can choose specific or all pages. You can also host single events without any code, in such case a third party/subdomain will have the embedded code.

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