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Togee goes live with its app-free social commerce plugin for online stores to reduce returns, engage new audiences and boost time spent on site

London, 2022-06-16


Image: Togee is started and used straight from an online store and the native browser e.g. Safari, Chrome etc.

The pioneering technology brings a host of new social features to e-commerce websites that enable users to enhance their shopping experience via screen sharing, video, voice, doodles and messaging.

Togee transforms E-commerce to Social-commerce

(London, United Kingdom) - June 16, 2022 - Togee's long-awaited move into the e-commerce industry is finally here with the launch of their new plugin which enables users to shop with friends and family online. The browser-based enhancement converts any e-commerce store into a social commerce experience with unlimited viewer possibilities; paving the way for influencers to get closer to their audiences through the products they love.

Leveraging a proprietary technology developed in Sweden, Togee has gone app-free in its attempts to lure websites looking to better-engage their audiences and deliver more value in the user experience. A simple line of code and a few minutes is all that's needed for any brand to become a live shopping platform where on-site users can confirm product choices with friends or family in real time.

Togee's SaaS offering is tackling one of the online retail industry's biggest challenges, product returns. With consumers in the driving seat thanks to free return policies, brand profits often take a hit with such a high return rate; recently reaching 18% of all products purchased online. Togee allows users to invite viewers to publicly or privately watch and comment on the shopping session so purchase decisions are made collectively reducing impulsive buys that are later returned.

With innovation within the e-commerce industry stalling of recent, Togee brings a fresh approach to the online shopping experience that has already proven successful in early adopter markets such as China where billions of dollars have been spent via live shopping sessions with popular influencers. As trends shift westward, brands can jump onto the latest technology within minutes and start offering the feature to their new and existing customers.

Togee offers price plans from EUR 350 per month for 10,000 live-streaming minutes.

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