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Swedish startup Togee Technologies is launching

Togee – The world's first mobile app for interactive screen sharing!   

Swedish startup Togee Technologies is launching Togee – the world's first mobile app for interactive screen sharing

The Stockholm-based startup Togee Technologies AB will soon be launching Togee – a revolutionary app in the social media segment that, for the first time ever, enables mobile users to communicate and share screen experiences with one another in

a completely unique way.

Togee offers multiple users the ability to video chat, doodle and comment in a screen sharing format – simultaneously!

The patented and advanced technology is developed by Togee Technologies' own team of 12 developers. The startup company (with a total of 16 employees in development, design, and marketing) has so far raised over SEK 5 million, and interest among
investors in the new app has proven significant. Togee will be released on the App Store and
Google Play in June 2019.

- It is about time mobile users optimize their screen time. With Togee, we challenge and redefine the true meaning of ”sharing”. No other mobile app on the market allows such a personal and advanced screen experience between users. Togee will change how a completely connected and social world communicates, says Daniel Diegelmann, CEO Togee Technologies AB.

- With Togee, mobile users no longer have to send countless screenshots or write a lot of lengthy texts to communicate and understand one another. Now, users can finally enhance their mobile experience in a smooth, fast, and more importantly fun way; booking that flight, shopping for the perfect outfit, or simply watch the latest viral video – together, says Peter Andersson, CMO Togee Technologies AB.

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