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The Future of Personal Shopping: How Live Shopping Tools are Reshaping the Online Experience

As digital trends continue to evolve, professionals in the fashion and beauty industries are looking for innovative ways to enhance their customers' online experience. One trend gaining traction is live shopping tools, a digital innovation that promises a more engaging and personalized platform for consumers and personal shoppers alike. Despite being a relatively new concept, it holds a lot of promise. This article will delve into this groundbreaking development and explore how it's revolutionizing the online shopping experience.

Redefining Personal Shopping

The advent of technology has fundamentally changed the way we shop. Consumers expect the convenience of online shopping without sacrificing the personalized touch that traditional retail offers. Herein lies the challenge – how can retailers provide a truly personalized experience at scale in a digital world?

The Challenges of Online Personal Shopping

Transitioning from traditional personal shopping to a digital platform is not without its obstacles. A key challenge lies in offering an authentic sense of touch, feel, and fit of the products online. While product descriptions and images offer some information, they often fall short in conveying the nuances that a personal shopper can provide in-store.

Future Perspectives – Personal Shopping in the Digital Era

Looking ahead, the future of personal shopping is expected to mirror the traditional experience found in physical stores. The ability to browse an online catalogue and, with a click of a button, connect with a personal shopper is the next frontier in online retail. The goal is not only to provide personalized service but also to retain the convenience of online shopping.

Togee: Bridging the Gap Between Personal and Digital

As the industry grapples with these challenges, certain innovative tools are emerging as solutions. Togee is one such tool, specifically designed to enhance the personal shopping experience online. With its intuitive direct booking system, dynamic moodboard, screen sharing capabilities, video chat, and a simple favourite list creation feature, Togee is leading the charge in transforming the shopping process from inspiration to checkout.


The advent of live shopping tools is reshaping the industry, and it's time for professionals to take notice. By embracing these digital innovations, we can bring back the personal touch in online shopping, providing a richer, more satisfying experience for customers. As we move forward, tools like Togee are set to become indispensable for personal shoppers, paving the way for a new era of online retail. Learn more about Social Live Shopping

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