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Live shopping in a Post-Instagram world

As Instagram discontinues live shopping to focus on ads, businesses are left searching for alternative solutions to maintain their eCommerce engagement. Enter Togee, a live group shopping platform that enhances your website's shopping experience by empowering customers to shop together, boosting conversion rates, and building an engaged online community.

The Fall of Instagram Live Shopping: A Gap in the Market

Instagram's decision to end live shopping on its platform has left many businesses and creators scrambling for alternative solutions. The once-popular feature experienced difficulties in the U.S. market, as consumers failed to embrace live shopping as enthusiastically as their Asian counterparts. This shift in focus presents a unique opportunity for businesses to explore new and innovative ways to engage with their audiences, turning to platforms like Togee to fill the gap left by Instagram's departure.

Togee: A Live Shopping Solution for the Modern eCommerce World

Togee offers a versatile live shopping tool that can be used for social commerce, influencer campaigns, and customer support. Any visitor can create private or public shopping rooms, influencers can run campaigns using the easy-to-use webb application, and businesses can leverage live video interactions for customer support or internal communication.

Engage Customers with a Customized Shopping Experience

Togee's live shopping platform supports various industries, including fashion, electronics, beauty, and home decor. Its seamless, accessible, and flexible technology allows content creators and their followers to shop live on your website, creating an engaged online community. This personalized approach to eCommerce ensures that customers enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience, boosting conversion rates and increasing average order values.

Easy Integration and Comprehensive Support

Togee is designed for easy integration with any eCommerce platform, requiring just a single line of code. The company provides an admin panel for website owners to monitor user engagement, product engagement, ratings, reports, and recordings. Togee works seamlessly across all devices and major browsers, offering an elevated shopping experience with simultaneous streams and advanced features like screen share, video, and chat.

An Innovative Approach to Social Commerce

With no credit card required to register, Togee is an innovative solution for businesses looking to transform their eCommerce platform into a fully-fledged social commerce experience. With minimal or no integration, unique features, and flexible pricing, Togee is an excellent choice for businesses wanting to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

Live Shopping: The Future of eCommerce

In a post-Instagram world, businesses must adapt to the changing needs of their customers and embrace new technologies to stay competitive. Togee's live shopping platform offers the perfect solution to businesses looking to elevate their eCommerce experience and capitalize on the growth of social commerce. Don't let the fall of Instagram live shopping hold your business back – explore the possibilities with Togee and transform your eCommerce platform into a thriving social commerce destination.


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