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Common & creative ideas for live shopping

Traditionally live shopping is associated with tv-shop-like events where a paid ambassador hosts a staged show in a studio. However, with the advancement of hardware, software and new behaviours there are plenty of useful and fun applications to increase your sales, traffic, build awareness and community or reduce returns.


1. Introduce a new collection

Big-name, micro and nano influencers can invite their followers and promote and highlight details about the new collection. Push time or stock limits.

2. Get feedback on new products

Let your designers host a show to showcase the new design and features. Get valuable feedback from your customer/fan base.

3. Clear the stock of older items

Same approach as pt.1.

4. Give bestsellers an extra boost

Same approach as pt.1.

5. Tutorials

E.g. makeup demonstrations hosted by models are effective not only in showing audiences how to apply or use a specific product but also in suggesting how to combine it with other products, opening up cross-selling opportunities.

6. Interviews

Bringing on influencers or key opinion leaders from a relevant segment up on stage and host talk show alike can feel more personal, authentic, and genuine compared to product launches and can be good for building awareness and driving traffic.


Note: some of these use cases require the following features:

  • Publicly available live shopping service

  • Video/Audio stream

  • Screen share

  • Drawing feature

  • Text chat

  • Real time product scapper

7. “Follow along shopping”

The host being a private person, influencer or personal shopper invites as many as possible and takes them on an interactive shopping journey on your website where they can “hang out” and talk about their favorite pieces similar to going to a shopping mall together – but online.

8. Guided shopping

An expert/personal shopper hosts and guides viewers through information, content and navigates on the website to help the viewers get awareness or over objections.

9. “Shop together” Peer-to-peer shopping

Offer private groups of friends or family to shop together as they would do on the couch – but if they’re on a distance, online. Perhaps offer “social shoppers” a special “duo discount”.

10. Quiz show

Let your staff quiz your customers about your brand, products and/or collection. Offer a price for the winner.

11. Competition

Challenge content creators or even your customers to e.g. record the; funniest, most creative or best video while using your live shopping service and post it on social media. Offer a price for the winner.

12. Live and recorded product reviews

Let customers use your live shopping service to record their unpackage and try on experience straight from your website and gradually build a library of customer generated video reviews

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? There are plenty of more ideas still yet to be imagined. We look forward to seeing how you and your customers use the live shopping medium.


Curious to learn more about social commerce?

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