To enjoy a great experience with Togee,  follow the steps below.

1. Press Sign Up

5. Choose your birthday

2. If you have an account

 already, log in

3. Enter your full name

4. Press Sign Up &  Accept

6. If signing up with your

     mobile nr. enter it here

7. Press continue and wait for

    your confirmation code via

8. If you sign up with your

e-mail address, enter it here.


9. Press Continue and wait for

your Confirmation code via e-mail, check your spam mail as well.

10. Fill in your

  confirmation code.

11. Press verify. If you have not received a code,

make sure that your number/e-mail is correctly entered under “Enter Confirmation Code”

12. Follow the    instructions, give the app all permissions.

13. Press Next

14. Press Next

15. Press Continue and give the

app permissions to your Contacts.

This way you can see if any of your contacts are already on Togee.

16. You can also search other users on Togee.

17. Just write in the

search bar to find who you want to add.

18. If you have

added someone already it will say “Sent”

19. This will also show

in your pending contact requests

20. If you want to add more friends,

press the button in the bottom of your screen

with a + “avatar”. Press on the contact

who you want to Togee with.

21. Press the floating Togee button to open the menu.

22.  Press Screen Share

23. Make sure the contact you want to Togee with is correct and press Start

24. Wait for them to

accept your request or cancel with X.

25. During a screen share you

can swipe left on right side of the toolbar to switch between

Voice- or Video Call. 

26. Press the video button and wait for their answer.

27.  When the button is red and the video frames show up in the bottom left.

28.  Use the buttons

or URL bar to browse the web together.

29. To doodle on the screen press the pen in the toolbar.

30. When the pen is highlighted

you can draw on the screen.

This stops the scrolling and has to be turned off to continue scrolling.

31. You can use this to highlight whatever you want.

32. When taking screenshots, make sure to show reactions.

33. Show how easy it

is to communicate with

each other.

34. Get creative.

35. Create a small story for your viewers.

36. To delete the doodles

press the recycling bin next to the pen. You can end the video call by pressing the red button in the tool bar.

37. You don’t have to use video calls to communicate.

38. With Text messaging the message pops up for a bit so you can communicate fluently with text and doodling.

39. If you prefer just voice calling, you can do that by pressing the phone button.

40. Wait for your

friend to answer.

41. With voice call everything works the same as video call.

42. For screen record,

press Togee and then

record screen

43.  As soon as your friend accepts the screen record a

timer will count down and

then it will record everything on the screen

44.  After recording

press Togee then

‘stop rec’ to end it.

45. After stopping recording you get to choose where to export the file to.

46. f you want to delete

the recording, you can

do so here.

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