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How does Togee work?

Togee is a one-to-many live shopping tool with co-browsing features enabling you to go live and shop together with private or public groups on-top of Togee powered websites.


Any visitor can start a shopping room directly from the website.

The host runs the show and takes the viewers on an interactive journey throughout the site, while they sit back and drop in by the chat.

 Leverage the latest set of features*

  • Screen share

  • Draw

  • Add to list

  • Video/audio stream

  • Chat

* All features work individually and collectivly. Create a show that suits your medium.


The viewers join in via link, no app or download - all from the browser.

Sit back and enjoy the show, tune in by the chat and vote on your favourite products. As the host navigates on the website you can tap on the star icon to build your own list.  Add pages or products and then send it to your email or forward them to any chat application.

Engage with the host and other viewers via*

  • Chat

  • Vote

  • Add to list

  • Share

  • Rate

* Coming "up on stage" to join in via video/audio is coming. However, for now it's possible to call the host and then continue co-browsing while talking.

for companies

Your selected admins can monitor high level data, user engagement and track product engagement  from your admin panel (for website owners).  See what's trending, export reports and if the rooms are public you'll be able to download the recording as well as join in ongoing shows.

 Monitor & manage:

  • User engagement

  • Product engagement

  • Ratings

  • Reports

  • Recordings

  • Custom backgrounds

  • Logo


Before you go live 

Togee is challenging the status quo with cutting edge technologies

To ensure the best possible experience for you and the viewers, follow these guidelines.

✅  Find a stable Wifi, 4G or higher network

✅  Give your browser permission to access camera and microphone. Do like this:
Go to your mobile settings -> find your browser app (Chrome or Safari) -> Find permission for camera and microphone and set to allow.

✅  Close down other open applications

✅  Close down other open tabs in the browser

Check out other FAQ

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