Android v.2.0 - known issues

Date: 15th of October 2020

Visible Notifications:


When you’re sharing your screen, your notifications will be visible for the other user.

(E.g. a text, call or push message)

If you do not want this to occur, then please turn off notifications for the applications that you’re concerned about. 

You can do this in your mobile settings before you start sharing your screen and then turn them back on after you’ve stopped sharing. We’re working on solutions to make this process smoother for you in the coming version.

App freeze:

The app can entirely or partially freeze in unexpected situations. Try either of the following solutions to resolve the issue; restart the app, restart your phone, force stop the app from your mobile settings. (Note that by using the app, we will be able to find and resolve bugs that are detected, so you will help us a lot by helping us find them, thank you for your patience).

Can’t end screen/audio sharing:


It might occur that you won’t be able to stop sharing your screen. Try either of the following solutions to resolve the issue; restart the app, restart your phone or force stop the app from your mobile settings.

Can’t see the other users doodles:


If you can’t see the other users doodle or if the other user can’t see your doodle, try reactivating the doodle by tapping on the ‘pen icon’. (Note: You can’t doodle and navigate at the same time. Please deactivate the pen to navigate and tap the pen to start doodling).

Random bugs:

Due to the fact that we’re in early stage, we apologize in advance for the unexpected errors and issues in the user experience that might occur.  Please feel free to report any issues by contacting our staff.

You can; message us on our facebook page ‘Togee’, email us at, post a message in the group ‘Togee Founders Club’ or send a direct message to any of the founders you might know.

Can’t see the screen sharing:

Whilst sharing your screen, it might happen that you or the other user, temporarily or indefinitely, can’t see the screen share. We recommend that you have 4G network or Wi-Fi while screen sharing. Our servers aren’t monitored 24/7 yet, therefore they might sometimes crash and not be restored in several hours.

Can’t initiate voice call from
outside app:


In the current version you can’t initiate a voice call from outside of the app. Try initiating it whilst in app.

(Note: this feature will be coming soon)

Put calls on speaker:


Whilst in an audio/video call, find the option to switch between speaker and in-ear output by tapping the Togee button, then select settings and finally toggle the speaker option.